Example: Buddha With Animals

“While I was painting, I went into deep meditation and saw how Shakyamuni Buddha practiced under the Bodhi tree. This is why I made this painting. Certain elements match with historical facts, but this is what I perceived through my practice.

In ancient time Shakyamuni Buddha had a hut (1) that looked just like this one.There was a large forest (2), and you can see Shakyamuni Buddha (3)under a Bodhi tree  (4). This particular branch of the Bodhi tree, which is just above Him, has twenty-one leaves, just like the twenty-one syllables of our mantra. He is sitting on a rock and, as you can see, he is wearing socks, but he took off his shirt for a special practice.

The monkey (5) is always trying to confuse the situation, and so he is grabbing Shakyamuni Buddha’s shirt.The turtle (6) is stretching its neck far out because it is wondering what Shakyamuni Buddha has realized.

The lion (7) represents great loyalty and always wants to make sure that no other animals hurt Shakyamuni Buddha; the lion is always on guard.

The dharma bird (8) is always around, so that Shakyamuni Buddha becomes clearer and enlightened; that is the wish of the dharma bird.

There is a lotus (9) flower blooming on the Indian Ocean. The ocean is painted dark because the Indian Ocean is darker than other oceans.”

Dae Poep Sa Nim