Dragon Year

7188 February 13, 2012  Lotus Buddhist Monastery

Historically speaking, everyone has worries and fears about this dark Water Dragon year. I have today completed a painting because I want to help eliminate your apprehensions and qualms and for all of you to have peace and get through this difficult year smoothly and easily. This painting will especially help your country and the entire world to progress peacefully.

In this painting, Kwan Se Um Bo Sal is standing on a dark dragon which has been tamed and transformed with Her supernatural penetration power into a dragon of the highest goodness. She has already bestowed what was wanted – a magic diamond which allows the owner to be emancipated and free from any form so that the dragon does not bother the sentient beings of this saha world. The bodhisattva is pouring gold water on it to eliminate any poisonous ignorance and to make it tame and wiser.

At the same time, I have depicted a toucan which is known to always talk correctly, and only when necessary, to help everyone remain happy and wise, together with a dolphin which represents love and harmony for everyone. There is also a special herb included in the painting for all to be healthy.

Of course, we can see in all the centuries past that this dark year can be arduous and demanding, which is why many predictions and disturbing stories are circulating.  Therefore, with the energy and blessings I impart into each stroke of this painting, I am able to help all of you eliminate suffering and a fearful mind. And so, we can live in peace and with prosperity and good health, under the protection of Buddha and Bodhisattva, for the most meaningful year ever.
I hope that the reproduction of this painting for the Water Dragon year which I will use to send you special energy and blessings, will help you to benefit throughout this year. They should be hung in your bedroom, living room or the office.

Please also visit: http://www.lotussangha.org/en/news/news/article/special-energy-spiritual-writing-painting/

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