Balancing Nature Energy Buddha

Nowadays most of us can feel and see that the energy of the world is unbalanced. I purposely created a very special painting to balance the energy and to bring prosperity to whoever has this painting or a reproduction of it. In this painting I put energy and blessings into each brush stroke to help balance the energy and for the wellbeing of the whole world. The more people there are who receive the benefits of this painting, the more it will help to bring balance to the world and to overcome all difficulties and tragedies.

In this painting, Buddha embraces the whole universe and balances out every little thing —yin and yang, good and bad, right and wrong. This balance is depicted with the sun and the moon in Buddha’s chest, and the fast rabbit and slow turtle on either side of Buddha. Buddha’s stomach is made of water because feng shui-wise all of the emotions are in there. The representation of the calm ocean helps to bring peace and serenity. The diamond shows the great treasure that everyone can have and helps to bring great prosperity.

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